How to take care of real leather furniture

real leather furnitureHaving real leather furniture has always been an indicator of high status and affluence. Now that you have spent a considerable amount of money on acquiring the leather furniture in Bulgaria, it might not be a bad idea to try to preserve its noble appearance as long as possible.

Sometimes problems occur as early as transporting your furniture from the store to your home – it only takes one misjudged movement to make an awful scratch on the upholstery. In order to prevent that, you have to wrap the sofa in a cloth, paying special attention to the corners and edges.

Leather furniture is highly susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity in the room. Therefore it is not worth putting such furniture in places with low humidity and considerable temperature changes. For instance, near a fireplace, and in the summer – near the balcony door, especially if the balcony faces south. Furthermore, direct sunlight can damage the leather of that part of the sofa that has been exposed for a longer period of time.

Undoubtedly, a major advantage of real leather is the fact that you can clean it with a wet cloth and detergent without risking ruining the material. Usually, all it takes is some warm water and soap and then wipe it with a dry cloth. In case of a more serious stain, you can clean it with water and some washing powder. The sooner you do that after the stain has occurred, the higher the chance of washing it away without damaging the sofa. When taking care of real leather, you need to remember that it does not like sudden movements and high pressure.

Be careful not to spill coffee on your new sofa or put dirty bags on it. Keep in mind that real leather gets easily stained with oil. Just a small drop of sun lotion, face cream, or other oil-containing substance can damage the surface permanently. If you happen to find a grease stain on your couch, quickly refer to the list of recommended cleaning agents by the manufacturer. If you cannot find it, you would better resort to the services of a professional cleaning company.

Here are some tips for the proper care of real leather furniture:
– keep the temperature and humidity in the room stable
– do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight
– do not use strong cleaning agents when removing stains
– wipe with a dry cloth and vacuum on a regular basis
– use soft circular movements when cleaning the leather
– do not allow pets to walk or sleep on the furniture
– avoid leaving print materials, especially freshly printed newspapers, on the sofa as they can easily leave ink stains.

Following the tips above guarantees that your real leather upholstery will stay as good as new for a long time.

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