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How to take care of real leather furniture

Having real leather furniture has always been an indicator of high status and affluence. Now that you have spent a considerable amount of money on acquiring the leather furniture in Bulgaria, it might not be a bad idea to try to preserve its noble appearance as long as possible.

Sometimes problems occur as early as transporting your furniture from the store to your home – it only takes one misjudged movement to make an awful scratch on the upholstery. In order to prevent that, you have to wrap the sofa in a cloth, paying special attention to the corners and …

How to organize a kitchen

In this article we will talk about how to organize your kitchen in Bulgaria. The kitchen is not only a room where you cook and prepare food, but also the place where you socialize with friends and relatives. Therefore it must be easy to use, but also comfortable, stylish, and cozy.

The main thing to consider is the kitchen layout. It must be designed so that everything that you might need is easy to reach and you can freely move about the place with as little obstacles in your way as possible.

The kitchen style must be chosen in accordance …

Materials used in the production of upholstered furniture

The article describes in simple words the materials used in the manufacturing of contemporary upholstered furniture in Bulgaria. Very often people are influenced by how the furniture looks without considering what it is made of. These days various materials are used in the production of sofas and arm chairs – from the old and well-known solid wood, genuine leather, and natural fabric, to new alternatives such as plastic, all kinds of fiberboard, synthetic fabrics, artificial leather, etc.

Generally speaking, the materials can be separated into three categories – 1) those, of which the foundation is made; 2) those, used in …

Materials used for furniture manufacturing

The article reviews in simple terms materials used in the production of furniture in Bulgaria. Some of the most widely spread materials are discussed. Materials used in chairs and sofas will be discussed in a separate article. Now we will focus only on what wardrobes, beds, cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, etc. are made of. Usually that includes: solid wood, particleboard (chipboard), MDF, hardboard, wood veneer, plastic, glass, and mirrors.

Solid Wood

That means 100% natural wood. Furniture made of it is durable, sturdy, and ecofriendly. It looks great and makes the room cozy and inviting. However, it costs a …

Furnishing your living room in a classic style

Classic generally means standard, serving as an established model. However, in the context of this article the word is used as a reference to Classicism (genre in literature, art, architecture, etc.).

The classic furniture style has always been in fashion. This refers to clothing, cars, make-up, and, of course, interior design – no matter whether we are talking about bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. The interior design you choose for the room determines not only how inviting it is, but also your social status. For a young and creative inhabitant the living room can be done in modern hi-tech style. However, …

Welcome to our blog

Hi, everyone! Our job is to sell furniture in Bulgaria and to furnish properties. Most of our clients are from Burgas, Sunny Beach, Varna, and Bansko. Usually we receive the larger part of orders in spring, summer, and fall. Winter is traditionally a quiet period. This winter we decided to use this opportunity and to finally start our blog. Yes, it was about time, and we did it.

In our blog we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. We will give advice how to choose the right furniture for our home, how to combine it, …